As our logo suggests BHAGYASHREE FOUNDATION stands strong on the four Pillars of Education, Support, Power & Wisdom. Our main aim is to educate the society. By Educating we do not mean only giving book knowledge but imparting practical knowledge.

With education we want to support the needy in every possible way so that they can live with dignity. With education & support they will have power to achieve their goals & realize their dreams. With power we want to imbibe wisdom in these people so that they utilize their power in positive sense which will help evolve their overall personality
At present our prime objective is to provide education to the needy & deserving children & create awareness among them. To help children from low-socio economic status struggling to complete their education due to various reason. Children are the future of the nation & hence we want to start our work from the root. We want to create individuals with unique identities & not mere hoards of educated lot without vision. These children will be the future representative of our foundation.
Bhagyashree Foundation aims at being the guiding light & not the crutches of the less fortunate ones. We aim to give vision to them so that they look at the world from different perspective & can live in this society with dignity. We also want to make present of these people so strong & sturdy that they can design their own future.